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FREE 2 Day Online Light Therapy Summit

Join us to learn how LIGHT can provide health and vitality for your Animal Companions!

Two full days of case studies and interviews with Veterinarians, Animal Light Therapists, Researchers, and Real Clients into how Light has improved the health and lives of their Animal Companions. Learn the basics of why Light is such a powerful tool for helping stimulate vibrant health, overcome pain, improve athletic performance and heal wounds!

Also learn how to choose between the confusing number of tools on the market and decide what best fits your skills and budget!

Saturday & Sunday
January 16th & 17th, 2021
9 am to 5 pm EST

FREE Access All Weekend!

Unlimited Access Pass Includes:

  • Recording Library of all Sessions
  • Handouts and Slides for presentations
  • Online Course – “Light Therapy Basics”
  • Free 1/2 hour consultation with a Certified Light Therapist

Speakers - Day 1

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Speakers - Day 2

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During this exclusive intensive weekend you will discover…

beagle and girl

A Pain-Free Pet

How Light Therapy quickly lowers pain, increases circulation and stimulates healing.

Del and Holly

Real Life Case Experiences

Light Therapists share how they assist pets to live a long and healthy life.

Diana and Viggo

The BEST Tool for YOU!

Choose an effective Light Therapy tool for you and your pet's health needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Lilo and Pad

Self-Empowered Health

How you can add in-home Light Therapy for your pet's health.

shepherd on laptop

The Science of Light Therapy

Our experts break down how and why light is such a powerful tool for attaining optimal health!

animals in circle

Growing Popularity of Light

What does Light Therapy mean for you and your pet?

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